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Spaceball gyroscope

We have a Spaceball gyroscope, which is manually operated and therefore doesn't require any power.

It was developed by NASA to train astronauts and fighter pilots in weightlessness, G force and orientation; it's an exhilarating ride for the participants and exciting for onlookers, and always draws a crowd.

It is suitable for children of all ages as well as adults.

We charge £225 for t1e Spaceball and an operator for a day, possibly plus a travel fee depending on how far we have to travel from Brighton.

If you want to recoup some of your costs we can charge participants and give you the proceeds, or we can offer free rides.

Under certain circumstances we are prepared to operate at events, particularly large music festivals, and charge £3 per ride and pay a 10 - 15% percentage of our takings as a pitch fee.

Football target

We have a football target shooting game, along with a speed gun to measure the power of participants' shots.

Prizes can be offered for the best performances.
This game requires power.

The Target Football with an operator costs £195 for a day, plus the cost of any prizes.

If you book both attractions we can offer a joint price of £375.

Again at some events we can charge participants and pay a percentage of our takings.

The High Hammer

The High Hammer (also known as a High Striker) is an old fashioned fairground strongman's game which doesn't require any power.

with an operator costs £195 for a day, plus the cost of any prizes.

Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel has been lovingly restored and operated very successfully at the last two Glastonbury Festivals.

It is designed for children.

The Ferris Wheel can be run by mains power or our generator.

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We have £5 million Public Liability Insurance.